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Sampling policy (Updated 17th May 2004)


Thank you for your interest in doing business with JD Corp.  We are delighted with the opportunity to serve you.  We can supply you with a garment sample per your need as soon as we receive the funds to cover the cost of samples. 


Why do we charge for samples? 

Since sampling is an expensive proposition, it is embarrassing for our buyers to keep asking for samples.  Hence many of our buyers have requested that we put together a sampling policy to help them in their decision to sample products from us. We do not make any money on the samples.  Our ultimate objective is to help you with your ordering decision, so we will give you credit for the cost of your sampling (not including the cost of shipping. Max 3 samples amount is credited back) at the time you place the order.


This sampling policy covers only Shirts.  If you are interested in securing another garment sample from us, please contact us and we will send you the details separately.


JD Corp may use different courier for International shipping.  If you do have an account with any courier company, we will use that upon your advice. We always prefer to ship using your account.

Delivery time: 

Most samples are shipped out within 7 to 14 working days (depends upon number and pattern of samples) of receiving funds.  Samplings are subject to availablity of the fabrics.


Cost of Sampling: 

Please include a cost of Euro 15 for each piece of the garment requested.  If you did not include a courier account number, please include a courier cost of Euro 20 per shipment for first two garments, and 5 Euro for each extra garment. We use FedEx and DHL for shipping the samples. If you need to have your own brand label at sampling then we take a deposit of 125 Euro to develop your woven label. This deposit is refunded once you place your first commercial order.



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