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  Q  What is the minimum quantity for order?

            Quantity will depend upon the fabric selected. If your special design is  to be made then normally 750 Shirts are made in  one quality to meet the minimum criteria of production. Again this depends if the fabric is available with us then the qty can be much lesser. We can give Sizes from 15" to 18" and 32/34/36 Sleeve OR from 37 to 46.

 Q   How the order process is completed ?

         Once you show your interest in our product, we provide you samples of 4 sizes 15.5 - 16 - 16.5  and 17 which will demonstrate a) our fabric quality, b) our construction and  c)  our  presentation of the product.  We do provide our available fabrics eCatalogue to help your selection if the fabric. We do send our available fabrics swatches with sizing approval samples. This way you will be knowing and having everything to make your batch order. This is done in a very short time and in a precise manner so that you know what is going to come as product rather than guessing and taking granted some issues. This is our purpose to provide TOTAL TRANSPARENCY before we start to have long term business relation.


Q   What are the shipping cost

Normally Sea Cargo is preferred when shipment is big and also if time frame is not very close. It costs almost 25 Cent per shirt to ship from India to USA/Europe wet ports. We can help to locate proper competitive shipper if buyer insist. We undertake all services to help you to get your consignment hassle free at most reasonable cost.   Sea route takes almost 30 -40 days and air route takes 5 days. (India to USA/Europe) - based of shipment size of 500+ garments. Smaller the shipment, higher the shipping cost due to fixed cost of shipping companies.


 Q  How the shirts are packed? 

             Normally we pack 6 shirts in one inner carton and such 4 inner goes in to one Outer carton which is shipped. So each carton will have 24 shirts.  Shirts are packed BHT free poly begs.  All other packing instruction is followed as per buyer’s need and instruction. We also provide BAR-CODE sticker in the format require.


 Q  What is the Lead time to full fill the order? 

            It takes almost 60 to 90 days to deliver your entire order, irrespective of size of the order.  Entire process starts from weaving to packing the garment. We Weave the fabric as per your customize need, then it goes to  our  stitching  process,  then  the  final  process  of  quality  Check  is  performed. This cycle simply takes 60 to 90 days. .


 Q   How can you help to build brand? 

We just not make the garment for you - we also undertake all your need from making your customize accessory to your branded outer carton. We have in house facility to design your label, tags and other packing materials. All these cost are included in the garment prices, provided they meet MOQ.


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