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A shirt is a combination of the following major parts. We have conducted significant research in developing each of them like an individual product. And the outcome is a scientifically designed product that fits perfectly as well. Most important feature of our shirts are finest "SINGLE NEEDLE STITCHING"  as traditionally done by the tailors.   and turned Collar  and Finest Edge Stitching  will make the difference. Click on the links below to learn more about how we craft them.   Click on each Part to see what amount of details goes into each and every part of the shirt. For us Shirt is not just a combination of Machine generated items. 


If you are aware with construction part of the garment then you are the best person to understand what small and finest detail goes in our garments.

- SINGLE needle finest stitching.

Our single-needle stitching provides each seam with twice the strength of a standard seam. This process takes three times longer than conventional methods; however the seam is flatter, more comfortable, very neat and much more durable than conventional seams


- Hand cut and Hand Turned Collar.

This ensures finest placement of fabric to match with pattern.  Lots of extra labor while going this process than conventional collar making. This is the reason you will see a very lovely fabric flow on the collar.

- Pockets are hand cut and hand matched to the fabric pattern.

 Again, hand cut pocket ensures perfect matching of pattern line, checks or structure matching while pocket in cut and placed on the shirt.

- Font Placket is hand cut and hand matched to the fabric pattern.

Placket is also hand cut to ensure flawless fabric pattern when you see shirt from the front  side as all the fabric pattern are matched for this.

- Sleeve Placket is hand cut and hand matched to the fabric pattern.

- Edge stitching – optional.

- Removable collar stays.

- Lock Stitch buttoning system.

This ensures better buttoning with much more durability.  A lock is being tied after machine puts the button on the shirt.  




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