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No one ever attains very eminent success by simply doing what is required of him; it is the amount and excellence of what is over and above the required that determines the greatness of ultimate distinction.”  - Charles Adams

Welcome to JD Corp, A PremiumGarment Company.

JD Corp is leading manufacturer, marketer and exporter of Men’s premium garments. Based in Ahmedabad – India,  JD Corps specializes in producing high end men’s fashion and dress shirts for exports to major western markets such as  United States and Europe.

At JD Corps, we relish the fact that most of our business comes from repeat business from our existing customers. These customers stay with us because of our emphasis on quality control, timeliness of deliveries, and end to end customer service that anticipates and addresses concerns before they arise.


Garment Company with research and product development!


JD Corp is a company who did lot of research on the comfort and style aspect of the garment. We think that just making a good garment is not enough unless it is not embedded with scientific approach which makes the Garment a “Perfect Garment”. We took all the parts of shirts as an individual product and then we made them different than what they use to. We have tried to demonstrate an excellent Piece of work while designing the garment. All those basic parts have been taken into account in this presentation. Few more topics are also taken in to presentation with a view to give maximum transparency and accuracy while dealing with us.

The story towards perfection does not end here. Now we move towards the Fabric part of the garment - a primary element. We provide world class fabric, sourced from BEST mills of India which meet all international standards those are set by the world best Fabric as well garment manufacturers. We do have capability to produce garment based on 100%, 30's cotton poplin to 2ply140's or 2ply100's cotton fabric from plain weave to complex dobby weave including Pinpoint Oxford weave. We can also do any type of fabric process from dyeing to printing depends upon your  need. 

Explanation may go long and long, what we are trying to convey is that we have WORLD  CLASS Capability to demonstrate with your minimum requirement too, which is not so easily possible unless a major buyer. Even a small start will guarantee a long and big business in very cost efficient way being the one of the cheapest factors of cost in India. 

How JD Corp can help you?

JD Corps  specializes  in  producing  apparel  from  a wide variety of fabrics in 100% Cottons. Being based in the "Textile Capital of The World", Ahmedabad; we are able to source some of the best fabrics available anywhere. We draw upon the technical sophistication and engineering skills of world renowned fabric manufacturers to provide you the fabric with latest treatments and finishes. Whether you are looking to source cotton shirts or Blended, whether you are seeking  a supplier for just 200  shirts,  JD Corps  guarantees   to  meet  your specifications and fulfill your requirements. We can help you build your own brand with all marketing accessories from label design to packing, again at very nominal cost.

This  all  makes  us  a  Turnkey  Garment Manufacturing  Company  with all  service at one  point  from  Fabric, Stitching to packing. All you have to do is just decide over the combination as per your need.

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